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FAQs - Basketball & Cheer

What's your refund policy?
-We have a NO REFUNDS policy. DO NOT register for any programs unless you are sure that your schedule permits participation and that your child will be able to participate. We DO NOT issue refunds (account credits only)!

Is it too late to register?

-The last day to register is October 19th. The last day to register late and pay a $50 late fee is October 27th. Please tell your friends and family.

Are scholarships offered?
-Yes, however, we do not currently have funds available for Basketball Scholarships. Click here to find out more information on how to apply for a scholarship.

What’s the fee? Is there a monthly fee or one-time fee?
-There’s a one-time fee of $185 for Basketball and $287 for Cheer.

Is the uniform included with the cost of registration?
-Yes, the uniform is included with the cost of registration.

Are payment plans available?
-Yes, payment plans are available. In order to enter into a payment plan agreement, an initial payment of 50% must be made. The remainder of the balance must be paid by the agreed due date or the player will be dropped from the roster and replaced with someone on the waiting list. All payment plans must be paid in full by October 19, 2019.

When is basketball practice and what’s the location?
-Basketball practice will be held for one hour per week on either Tuesday or Friday (6pm, 7pm, or 8pm) depending on the team. Practice will take place at Lamar Jr. High with the exception of some days throughout the season when the Special Olympics and/or the Science Olympiad will take place at Lamar’s gym. We will have to relocate our practices/games for those days; at this time the location is TBA. You will be notified when this information becomes available.

When is the cheer team practice and what’s the location?
-The cheer team usually practices 2 days per week, this schedule will depend on the cheer instructor’s availability. The practice location will either be at Lamar Jr High.

When is game day?
-Games begin in December. The official Game Day schedule has not been released as of yet.

When does practice begin?
-Practice will begin in November.

How long does the season last?
-The season lasts from November - January.

My child is "9", why is he in the "7/8" Division?
-Division placement goes by the age the participant is on August 1, 2019.

Can my child play up?
Yes, a participant may move up a division, but once this is done the participant may not move down. We’ll need to know this information prior to team placement. There is a $100 fee associated with this request. The fee must be paid to the league before any participant will be moved up, and an affidavit must be signed stating that the Parent understands that the league does not have any minimum play rules and participants will not be allowed to move down. We do not recommend moving up divisions and approval is based on availability.

This is my child’s first time playing basketball, will he "make" a team?
-There are several participants who are new to basketball, every registrant will be placed on a team.

Will girls play with boys?
-Yes, every division is co-ed.